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 Exhibition Area

The Exhibition Area

In the exhibition area relevant actors on the future library stage will be present to introduce their latest products and ideas.

Exhibitors will be a mix of companies ready to give their view on future possibilities in the physical library. You will encounter both established-, potential- or new-coming library partners.

The Exhibition Area is located right in front of the conference room. Apart from the occasional visit to the stalls, time for a more thorough visit has been scheduled in the conference programme.


At the exhibition "Transformations" we are pleased to present a line of products and services, which bring surplus and resources so you can carry out the plans and visions of the library.

We are helping your plans on the way.
The living library

Architects maa Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen
SHL believes that good architecture makes man the centre of attention. SHL are constantly striving to create humane, sensual architecture which is controlled by simplicity and precision filled with visions, and always observing the highest levels of quality and finish. SHL is a Danish architecture firm, anchored in Scandinavian aesthetics and Nordic values and in possession of broad international experience.

“BCI/Eurobib present Tricolore; the new colourful furniture series for the children’s library; designed by Camilla Wessman. The voluminous rounded shapes provide stability. You can easily add, remove, move, or change the furniture to meet every need. And the end result is a creative, secure, and flexible environment for our children.”

As the worlds best OPAC, BOOK-IT focuses on the user. AXIELL is convinced that the more the user is able to serve herself and the more dialogue that can be made via the internet the better the service of the libraries will become.
Dynamic showing of front pages, online access to e-books and online user registration via the OPAC are just a few examples of BOOK-IT's user oriented approach.

Audioteket has specialised in recording and publishing of audio books – and our exiting universe off living literature covers the most sought after genres in audio books on libraries.

In addition to the well-known audio books on cassette and compact disc Audioteket is introducing an all-digital long playing Daisy audio book on CD. This format is not only tailored to audio books but is perfect to educational purposes as well. The Daisy-CD requires PC-software or one of the specialised players on the market. The backlist of audio books from Audioteket is available for future media as well as the Internet.

In spite of the fact that synthetics speech is highly developed most people find living voices superior when it comes to literature and education. For a variety of applications within education, multimedia and broadcast Audioteket produce living sound. We think users of web sites and other virtual services deserve living voices too!!!

Codeco is pleased to present the popular self-check system named MARK3 Easy-Check. In Denmark more than 400 units have been installed during the last 3-4 years. The MARK3 will be shown in a "Twin configuration" in which lent-out, return functions and sorting of returned reserved materials are possible.

In addition to the above one of the units will function as a hybrid system being able to handle a mix of barcodes and RFID tags.

MARK5 – the new design concept for self-service will be presented at the Codeco stand as well.




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